3 Challenges for Startups when building Mobile Apps

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Learn to Code
Learn to Code

In contrast to well-established enterprises with an existing customer base, Startups must attract and build a new user base, sometimes a new whole market , so it is vital for them to put user experience at one of their first priorities.
It is a known fact that native Apps offers the better user experience. Even today in 2016 Webapps can not yet come close to the user experience of native Apps. But native Apps comes usually with higher development efforts, costs and a shortage of engineers for the common native platforms.

The first Challenge is how to get the needed design & coding skills for native development without stressing the budget.
One Answer to this challenge which is still less explored by entrepreneurs is to get self involved and learn the needed skills and build the solution or parts of it by them selves. The advantage is to get a deeper understanding of the solution tied to their offer. Coding skills are becoming anyway more vital in the future for Business entrepreneurs in a rush advancing digitalized world. Some say that „Coding is the new MBA“.
Today there is an increasing offers for entrepreneurs in this direction:

The second challenge for startups is how to get faster to the market with their

Focus on one Platform
Focus on one Platform

first MVP ( minimal viable product) , and get quick feedback, especially if you they are building the solution or parts of it by them selves.

One Answer to the challenge is to focus on only one platform. Getting it right for one platform will ensure the mostly needed first success.
Hiring a Coach for native development and for the design can speed up the process and keep the costs in control compared to a complete outsourcing of the development. It helps also to understand and keep the control over the technology decisions In such an early key phase of the product.

Mobile Security should be a top priority
Mobile Security should be a top priority

The third challenge is how to secure the customer data when stored on the Device , since the offline ability and easy login features ( touchId, caching of login tokens.) are a must from a good user experience perspective, and they require keeping data secure on the device.

Having a Security Strategy from the beginning saves money, time and effort later, and Implementing security measures is still an easier task on native platforms than on HTML WebApps.

Beginning with native development on a single platform is a viable way in a Startup mobile strategy and can help solve many challenges.

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